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5/22/2012 - Upcoming Changes!!

I have heard you guys and I am starting to make changes that is going to help keep my data more up to date. Here is what I am working on. Because still does not provide anything for progress, kills, gear or anything I have been trying to figure out a method to keep records clean. I have come up with an idea. I am going to be creating an extensive reporting system which allows users to report several things from wrong gear, characters that are no longer part of a guild and they will not remove them self and such. But the reporting system will be based on guild members who will only have the right to vote. The voting will be based on a percentage so when a majority of the guild (no matter what size) votes to either (remove a member, report gear) then that player once the percentage threshold has been met will automatically be edited or removed from the guild. This gives more power to all of you to maintain your own data. Check back on the site. I have already started the gear voting part. Only guild members can vote for guildies so be aware of that.

Why does it seem like there is missing data, characters or not enough guilds listed?

Since does not provide any data is solely depended on you guys entering, updating your own characters. If there is anything missing its basically because someone did not enter their character yet.

I entered my character, but I dont see him listed?

This would basically be a ID10T error at best :). Make sure in your "My Characters" section of your account you see your character listed as one of your own. If you dont then maybe you forgot to click "Add Character"? :) and remember you have to add your character yourself.

My character is not listed with the rest of my guild mates

Are you sure you typed your guild exactly as it is? Maybe you added a space somewere or put an extra letter? Go in your characters and confirm that. The guilds are listed by grouping all the characters and the guild they are associated with. If your guild name is written different than everyone else, then you just got booted for being a nub ... QQ :)

How does your scoring work? OR Why is my score 0?

For now there is not much to go by so I am scoring based on gear, guild scores are based on all the characters associated with your guild and summed up to calculate one "guild score"

Edit 1/22/2012 - I am adding operations and bosskills to the list of scores, the gear per character will remain as a deciding factor to the overall score. The reason for this is it seems more "fair". So the better players you have, the better results you will see. Don't recruit nub's :)

I got an error message saying my character was associated with another account?

There can be 2 reasons for this. Either someone in our guild entered your character under their account OR someone thought it would be funny to do that to you. I would recommend asking your guild members and friends if they added you, if they did then simply ask them to delete your character from their account and then add it to yours. If you cant find anyone you know who added you then send me an email to and I will remove your character from someone else's account and then you can add it yourself. I take malicious data seriously and capture everyones ip address, so dont abuse it because I will ban you.

What are the "Pre Launch" pages about?

Way back in December 2011 when TOR launched allowed players to upload characters and guilds ahead of time before the game launched. Once that day came, Bioware took those pre-made guilds and assigned them to servers ahead of time. It was a cool idea and made it easier to get started with raids and group quests since the guilds were already established. I started mining that data about a year before the launch date and posted the stats based on what players "were" going to play. It took a few days for those stats to be useless, but I thought it would be fun to leave them around.

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